Toxic Fluoride

We are one of the world’s sickest nations!

Support Aisling in her Court Case to have Toxic Fluoride Removed from our Drinking Water.

The Girl Against Fluoride

Aisling FitzGibbon aka ‘The Girl Against Fluoride’ is taking legal action against the Irish Government to end the policy of mandatory water fluoridation of public water supplies. Since its inception there has been a growing body of scientific evidence demonstrating the harmful effects brought about through the consumption of fluoride.



Israel commits to ending water fluoridation by 2014, citing major health concerns

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(NaturalNews) Israel’s Ministry of Health has made a bold ruling against artificial water fluoridation, reversing more than 15 years of forced poisoning via public water supplies in the Middle Eastern country. A recent announcement by Israel’s Supreme Court has declared that a 1974 law permitting — and a later 1998 law requiring — all public water supplies in Israel to be fluoridated are both outdated and invalid, and that all current fluoridation programs in the country will have to end by April 9, 2014, in order to comply with new public safety requirements.

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Fluoride May Be the Next Male Contraceptive?

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• Research has linked fluoride in drinking water with sperm damage and other threats to your reproductive health
• Fluoride may have damaging effects on the process by which sperm are attracted toward an egg (sperm chemotaxis), which plays a critical role in allowing fertilization to occur
• Sixty animal studies have found that fluoride adversely impacts the male reproductive system
• Clean pure water is a prerequisite for optimal health. Industrial chemicals, drugs and other toxic additives like fluoride really have no place in our water supplies. – The World’s #1 Natural Health Website†

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Available from Aisling’s Website or from Voice for Change Clare. 

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The Girl Against Fluoride, 2013.

Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth Documentary


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