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Household Charge Defeated In Court

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Household Charge Challenge

Solicitors for Mayo County Council (M.C.C.) today (5/3/15) withdrew charges for non-payment of the 2012 Household Charge against Peter Anthony Keegan, the first man to be charged with the “offence”.

Today’s siting of the Castlebar Circuit Court saw Peter Keegan summonsed by M.C.C. to appear before Judge Mary Devins, to face charges in relation to non payment of the Household Charge.

These charges have seen Peter attending Court many times over the last 2 years, arguing and counterclaiming that the Household Charge is unenforceable due to its unconstitutional nature.

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You Can Legally & Lawfully STOP Paying Now!

You have been deceived & coerced into paying an Illegal & Unconstitutional Household charge & Property Tax & Forced to Make a Declaration.

“It is morally WRONG UNJUST & UNFAIR to tax a persons home……it could probably be unconstitutional”  Enda Kenny-1994


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How you are being deceived?


In The State’s two Legal Documents relating to

The Household Charge & The Property Tax

The Household Charge Act 2011.


The Local Government Household Charge Regulations 2012 


  2.   The HC12N Form does not exist in Law. It’s not in the Acts 2011 or Regulations 2012.

The Finance (Local Property Tax) Act 2012

states  “Every return — shall include — a signed declaration” NOT MUST include.

Become a shareholder, Stop Paying & protect yourself!

  • Simply become a Shareholder in the SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) that is challenging the legality of the Household Charge & Property Tax in the Courts. 
  • A Shareholding costs just €2 or €2.5 through the AttackTheTax website. 
  • You will have full protection of the LLC (Limited Liability Company) your only risk is your €2. 
  • We also have available to Shareholders Legal letters for your employer & your bank to prevent Revenue taking money from your wages or your Bank Account. 

Check out the FAQ’s, YouTube Videos etc.

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GOOD NEWS – Revenue finally do what they are told.

E-mail from Attack The Tax 11-12-13

Hi Folks … We have had some very good news.
So please pass this message on to EVERYONE.

We got an email from a lady yesterday, which is a very interesting read.
There is a sea-change in the way revenue are conducting themselves & accordingly they are beginning to capitulate to the facts of the matter …

Please read on …
email dated: 10/12/13

“Hi Attack The Tax …

We recently applied to Revenue for a refund of tax credits for 2009 to 2012.
We received a letter telling us that they could not refund the tax as we had returns outstanding namely LPT1 for 2013, which we were expecting.They did not make any reference to the HC12N form AT ALL.

We forwarded a copy of our LPT1 return which we had sent early this year with the sticker on it, and about a week later we received our refund cheque in the post!!

Just wanted to let you know in case any one is worried about claiming the tax refund and getting caught to the property tax. Thanks again to Attack The Tax for all you help, assistance and guidance in these matters.

Regards and best wishes for the Supreme Court Case, Mary X”.

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