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Map shows the possible locations of the proposed 10, Small & Medium Size Enterprises (SME’s), focused, Irish Regional Public Banks and their Central Service Provider (CSP). SME’s provide over 70% of all our jobs. The exact location will be determined by an in-depth study of the regions by the ‘Workgroup’.
The ‘Workgroup’ will be made up of the Savings Bank Foundation for International Cooperation (SBFIC), a not for profit foundation of the German Sparkassen Public Savings bank group, the PBFI and interested Irish representatives appointed by the PBFI.


Three Political Parties now Supporting Public Banking:

The PBFI who have been promoting the establishment of a system of Public Banks in Ireland since 2013 is delighted that three Political Parties, Sinn Fein, ReNua and the Green Party are now supporting and promoting variants of this initiative. We are working for cross-party support and need it to make this happen. All parties have been given similar information and access to expertise on public banking. 

There is no alternative if we want a better future; we have to make this happen; the EU will not do this for us.

Let us not forget, the current banking system continually takes between ‘30 and 40% of the profits of the economy’ (Prof Steve Keen) for themselves; and that does not include the bail-out.


We need people within the regions to take ownership of the Public Banking project within their region.

SBFIC: The Savings Bank Foundation for International Co-operation (SBFIC), a non-profit section of The German Sparkassen Public Savings Bank Group has assisted more than 50 countries to date in establishing their own public banks. It is currently assisting 31 countries worldwide, including 5 Projects in Europe, to establish or strengthen their Public Banks.

Credit Unions:

We strongly encourage the Credit Union movement to become part of this initiative. The ethos of Public Banks & Credit Unions is very similar. The PBFI and the SBFIC believe the potential for the expansion of the CU movement through co-operation with the Public Banking System or through they themselves setting up Co-op Banks,  is huge.

The Post Office Network:

The Post Masters Union representing 1,100 post offices is interested in the Public Banking for Ireland Project as it may bring them increased business if they can provide services throughout the counties for the Regional Public Banks.


The Public Banking Forum of Ireland PBFI

The PBFI is working to the introduction Public Banking to Ireland

Germany with 42% Public Banks & 26% Co-op Banks essentially has 68% Public Banks. These banks increased their lending to the public & SME’s during the current recession. This in no small part accounts for Germanys continued economic success and it coming through the current recession virtually unscathed. Lending increased to SME’s by 17% from 2008 to 2011

Public Saving Banks as they are in Germany

1. Operate to Serve the Real Economy; supporting Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) who provide over 70% of all our jobs.

2. Independent of political influence and control.

3. Controlled by stakeholders from the local community.

4. Only allowed to lend to local people and businesses in its designated catchment area.

5. Banned from engaging in financial speculation and Securitisation (Selling your mortgage)

6. Operated on commercial principles with the aim of maximising sustainable lending and not on maximising profits.

7. Operated on the Principle of “Local deposits into local loans” keeping capital in their own area.

8. Surpluses remain with the Bank & within the region: Profits are used to increase equity in the Public Bank and for non-profit purposes such as grants for social projects (the public benefit principle).

9. Have a legal structure so they cannot be bought, sold or taken over. 

Join the PBFI and make public banking a reality in Ireland
The future must be better, you decide!

PBFI Website:

The Public Banking Forum of Ireland (PBFI) Working to introduce Public Banking to Ireland.

Public Banking Forum of Ireland Seminar


In the Video Dr. Keidel speaks about the German Sparkassen Public Banking System.

Dr Thomas Keidel speaking at ECOBATE 2013 UK


Power Point Presentation by Ellen Brown, JD

“The Irish Debt Crisis: Time to Think Outside the Box”

Ireland October 2013


Three Political Parties are now supporting/promoting variants of the Public Bank proposal. 

Sinn Féin, ReNua and The Green party. 

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