Our Mission

Voice for Change Clare 

Our Mission:

  • Unite People and Groups throughout the county and join with and support similar groups throughout the Country. 
  • Support the elderly, pensioners, special needs, carers, unemployed, students & employed on low salaries who are suffering the most under the current austerity. 
  • Target Locally Elected Political Representatives who have failed to represent the interests of the people of Co Clare who elected them. 
  • Support an increase in Garda presence in Rural Areas where elderly are living in fear. 
  • Save our Credit Unions from the government appointed Credit Union Restructuring Board (ReBo) who plan to reduce the number from 400 + down to 200 or less. 
  • Support “Attack The Tax” in their fight to abolish the unjust & unconstitutional Household Charge & Property Tax. Legally & Lawfully Stop Paying Now. * See our Property Tax Page.
  • Supporting the Anti Fracking Movement in Clare & throughout the Country. 
  • Support “The Girl Against Fluoride” in her upcoming Court Case to Stop the Toxic Fluoridation of our water. 
  • Stop the introduction of Water Charges. 
  • Support the Public banking Forum of Ireland (PBFI) on the Introduction of Public Banking to Ireland. Your funds in Your Public Bank, Working for You. 
  • Support the Ballyhea Bank Bondholder Bailout Protest to have the Central Bank of Ireland destroy the remaining €28.1bn Promissory Note bonds. If not destroyed this is €28.1bn more debt for us.
  • Reduce Out of Control Taxes & VRT 

Please view the separate pages on each of  the above.


One thought on “Our Mission

  1. MSI radio is the only decent platform in this country for discussion. It deals with solutions to many of the above as do Wethepeople.

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