A Veto on Democracy

A Veto on Democracy

The Party Whip: A veto on democracy:

One of the core problems of our political system at the moment is the Party Whip. We may have “some” good people within these parties but they are totally silenced & controlled by the Party Whip. We currently have a four man government dictating to the rest.

Our elected TD’s are nothing more than nodding heads, there to put their hand up when told & of course to collect their expenses.

Democracy currently does not exist in Ireland.

Democracy “needs to be managed”, says Leo Varadkar, “you need a strong party system and a strong whip system” SEPTEMBER 13, 2012

Vote for independents.

3 thoughts on “A Veto on Democracy

  1. very true the whip should be done away with or used on our leaders what is happening in this country they are robbing the poor to fill there own pockets every day a new scandal wont give the vulnerable there Christmas bonus back but wait till next year bet they give it back then coming near election time they have no money yet Kenny gives to off his employes top ups and health system gone mad minster for health no money yet tells chief off h.s.e he can keep his 140k top up robbing from disabled money people raised money for them and its used for top ups where is the justice there could go on and on

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