Do not Let Fine Gael sign away our Democracy!!!

Would you sign an agreement that was discussed secretly which would impact on the food you eat, working conditions, health care, education, environment etc but does not recognise our laws, courts and constitution? No? Fine Gael would!

Are you familiar with the TTIP agreement? No ?  You are not supposed to until it is a done deal.

TTIP stands for Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership a so called free trade agreement between Europe and the USA.

The US has much lower standards of food production than we in Europe have. They put hormones in their beef, dip chickens in chlorine and use genetically modified crops. This agreement if passed would force us to allow the free flow of products into Europe and Irish farmers could struggle to compete as well as the potential danger to public health.

This agreement is unnecessary as trade between Europe and the US has never been better.2.5 Billion euros of goods and services every day and only 5% of goods subject to tariffs.

Now the really scary bit ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement). This is the Trojan horse in the agreement which allows multinational corporations to sue national governments for loss of earnings.  Quebec in Canada is being sued after it voted to ban fracking.  Australia is being sued by tobacco company Philip Morris over it plain Cigarette packaging. Egypt had to abandon their plans to introduce a minimum wage when Veolia the same company that is installing water meters in this country threatened to sue.

Corporate lawyers make up an ISDS tribunal which is held in secret with no appeals process. Incredibly it does not recognise our laws and so our constitution and directions from the Dail and supreme court are meaningless. Richard Bruton is lobbying hard for this agreement and even signed a letter to the EU commission for its speedy implementation.

This is not a done deal and we need to speak up against it. We are only a few months from an election. Inform  politicians that you will not vote for anyone who votes for TTIP.

For more information check out, and our own facebook page Clare says no to TTIP.

Barry O’Driscoll   John Higgins July 2015

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