Election 2018?

Election 2016

No Austerity Parties Voted for.

No Austerity Parties Re-elected.

This is a priority.


Please Don’t Vote for the TD’s who voted for the The Eviction Bill.

The Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2013 (The Eviction Bill) was signed into law in July of 2013. This law made it easier for the Bailed-out banks working through the courts to obtain an order for possession of registered land, to appoint a receiver and to sell the property of those who are behind in their mortgage payments.

Of the TDs who voted, 91 voted YES, 42 Voted NO and 32 were absent.

Among the YES voters there were 3 independents who voted along with Fine Gael & Labour and they are: Stephen Donnelly, Peter Mathews and Lucinda Creighton.

The list below of the 90 TD’s that voted for the Eviction Bill. Name and shame each and every Traitor who supported the destruction of families and voted for a Bill that has has caused many deaths from suicide.

Breen, Pat.

Bruton, Richard.

Butler, Ray.

Buttimer, Jerry.

Byrne, Catherine.

Byrne, Eric.

Cannon, Ciarán.

Carey, Joe.

Coffey, Paudie.

Collins, Áine.

Conaghan, Michael.

Conlan, Seán.

Connaughton, Paul J.

Conway, Ciara.

Coonan, Noel.

Corcoran Kennedy, Marcella.

Costello, Joe.

Creed, Michael.

Creighton, Lucinda.

Daly, Jim.

Deasy, John.

Deenihan, Jimmy.

Deering, Pat.

Doherty, Regina.

Donnelly, Stephen S.

Donohoe, Paschal.

Doyle, Andrew.

Durkan, Bernard J.

English, Damien.

Feighan, Frank.

Ferris, Anne.

Fitzgerald, Frances.

Fitzpatrick, Peter.

Flanagan, Charles.

Gilmore, Eamon.

Griffin, Brendan.

Hannigan, Dominic.

Harrington, Noel.

Harris, Simon.

Hayes, Brian.

Heydon, Martin.

Hogan, Phil.

Howlin, Brendan.

Humphreys, Heather.

Humphreys, Kevin.

Keating, Derek.

Kehoe, Paul.

Kelly, Alan.

Kenny, Seán.

Kyne, Seán.

Lawlor, Anthony.

Lynch, Ciarán.

Lynch, Kathleen.

Lyons, John.

McCarthy, Michael.

McEntee, Helen.

McGinley, Dinny.

McHugh, Joe.

McLoughlin, Tony.

McNamara, Michael.

Maloney, Eamonn.

Mathews, Peter.

Mitchell, Olivia.

Mitchell O’Connor, Mary.

Mulherin, Michelle.

Murphy, Dara.

Murphy, Eoghan.

Nash, Gerald.

Neville, Dan.

Noonan, Michael.

Ó Ríordáin, Aodhán.

O’Donnell, Kieran.

O’Donovan, Patrick.

O’Dowd, Fergus.

O’Mahony, John.

O’Reilly, Joe.

O’Sullivan, Jan.

Perry, John.

Phelan, Ann.

Phelan, John Paul.

Rabbitte, Pat.

Reilly, James.

Ryan, Brendan.

Shatter, Alan.

Spring, Arthur.

Stagg, Emmet.

Stanton, David Hall.

Tuffy, Joanna.

Wall, Jack.

Walsh, Brian.

White, Alex.


The question that needs to be asked of all candidates in the upcoming election:

Do you support the introduction of a system of community/public banks, similar to those in Germany, supporting SMEs (who provide over 70% of all our jobs), supporting communities and local indigenous industries or do you only support the restoration of the bailed-out, private commercial, too-big-to-fail banks with their 95% market monopoly, credit creation monopoly and shareholder return focus? Please, vote based on their reply. 

Germany has nearly 70% Public Banks (42% Public & 26% Co-op Banks); it’s the backbone of their successful economy.


A Veto on Democracy – Varadkar

The Party Whip: A veto on democracy: Leo Varadkar

One of the core problems of our political system at the moment is the Party Whip. We may have “some” good people within these parties but they are totally silenced & controlled by the Party Whip. We currently have a four man government dictating to the rest. Our elected TD’s are nothing more than nodding heads, there to put up their hand when told & of course to collect their expenses. Democracy currently does not exist in Ireland. Democracy “needs to be managed”, says Leo Varadkar, “you need a strong party system and a strong whip system” SEPTEMBER 13, 2012


If you want Democracy,

Vote for independents!


OUR PETITION: (Currently Closed) We are currently collecting signatures for a petition to take to our Locally elected TD’s along with a letter requesting they start to represent the interest people Co Clare. If they don’t start to do what they were elect for we in Voice for Change Clare will do all in our power to ensure they don’t get re-elected. They will be given an opportunity to prove themselves! Please click on the link below to open our Petition. Please print off, collect signatures  & return it to us at Voice for Change Ennis. Thanks. Voice for Change Clare Petition V1

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