Our Mission

Voice for Change Clare 

Our Mission:

  • Unite People and Groups throughout the county and join with and support similar groups throughout the Country. 
  • Support the elderly, pensioners, special needs, carers, unemployed, students & employed on low salaries who are suffering the most under the current austerity. 
  • Target Locally Elected Political Representatives who have failed to represent the interests of the people of Co Clare who elected them. 
  • Support an increase in Garda presence in Rural Areas where elderly are living in fear. 
  • Save our Credit Unions from the government appointed Credit Union Restructuring Board (ReBo) who plan to reduce the number from 400 + down to 200 or less. 
  • Support “Attack The Tax” in their fight to abolish the unjust & unconstitutional Household Charge & Property Tax. Legally & Lawfully Stop Paying Now. * See our Property Tax Page.
  • Supporting the Anti Fracking Movement in Clare & throughout the Country. 
  • Support “The Girl Against Fluoride” in her upcoming Court Case to Stop the Toxic Fluoridation of our water. 
  • Stop the introduction of Water Charges. 
  • Support the Public banking Forum of Ireland (PBFI) on the Introduction of Public Banking to Ireland. Your funds in Your Public Bank, Working for You. 
  • Support the Ballyhea Bank Bondholder Bailout Protest to have the Central Bank of Ireland destroy the remaining €28.1bn Promissory Note bonds. If not destroyed this is €28.1bn more debt for us.
  • Reduce Out of Control Taxes & VRT 

Please view the separate pages on each of  the above.


One comment on “Our Mission
  1. Gerry O' Donovan says:

    MSI radio is the only decent platform in this country for discussion. It deals with solutions to many of the above as do Wethepeople.

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